Abeautifullife Brings A Communal Jamaican Twist To Brunch

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In a time when it seems people miss out on human interaction with the daily intrusions of our phone and social media obsessions, Festivals For Life was fortunate enough to attend an event that put community and face-to-face conversation at the forefront, with the bonus of delicious Jamaican cuisine! On March 4, Downtown Los Angeles based café, Abeautifullife, hosted its second ever bottomless “Jamaicans Do Brunch Better” event.

The restaurant is a small shop located off of Spring Street in Downtown LA, so to accommodate its large crowd, we sat outside at large picnic tables, accompanied by diverse and friendly faces who were just as excited as we were to devour this Jamaican fusion food. Dishes included: Jerk Chicken Donuts, Jerk Wings (our favorite), Fried Plantains, Shrimp & Grits and Rasta Pasta.

It is no surprise that the food was incredible, as Abeautifullife is one of the few Jamaican focused restaurants in the entire city. And what’s bottomless brunch without drinks? Not to worry! There was an assortment of refreshing mimosas, including a mango flavor and a grape “Wakanda” themed mimosa to facilitate all of the socializing that was happening at the tables. And this really was the highlight of the morning: sitting down with complete strangers and bonding with them over a shared love of food and learning about new cultures.

On top of the great food, drinks, and company, Abeautifullife had an incredible presentation. They treated our ears with a live DJ set that mixed tropical house with today’s radio hits, and their staff was welcoming and friendly from the moment we arrived until we left the restaurant, as full as can be. The waiters and waitresses aided the friend-making process by making us truly feel at home and comfortable with one another.

When the restaurant is not hosting their bottomless brunch event, you can score their delicious eats, like their Jerk Chicken and Oxtail Bowl Bowls, Jerk Chicken Plantain Sandwich, Jerk Mac & Cheese, or Acai Bowls, all at very reasonable prices. They also have a food truck that you can find all over Los Angeles.

If you want more details on Abeautifullife, check out their website here, or visit them at 216 S Spring Street in Los Angeles. You won’t be disappointed. And who knows, maybe you’ll walk away with a friend or two!