AVIVA- Face In The Crowd (Ft. Linden Jackson)

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A Denver native, DJ/Producer Aviva Sonenreich, who goes by AVIVA, has blasted off as Colorado’s leading lady. Mixing industrial sounds with bass house, her music is unlike anything you’ve ever heard. That said, it’s not unusual to see AViVA DJing in Denver’s hottest venues and clubs or dropping in on shows.

“‘Face In The Crowd’ is a track I’ve been working on since early 2015” Aviva says. “It’s a different feel then any other track I’ve ever made- it’s slower and more dynamic. For vocals, I called my friend Linden Jackson from the well known local band One Flew West. Linden’s vocal range made perfect sense with the track. His lyricism is a true reflection of us as musicians. We also recorded drums live in the studio which gives the track a very life like quality. This is the first of a number of original mixes to be released in the next few months. I’m really inspired by the new future house sounds hitting the dance music scene. I love the deep, dark synth lines and complex basses. I’m playing a show at the end of the year (that hasn’t been announced yet) but I can wait to share my newest tracks with my fans.”