The Best Pretzel Necklaces From The Great American Beer Festival

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Unlike other festivals, the Great American Beer Festival has a dress code. No, you’re not required to wear a suit and tie. However, you’d be silly not to attend without wearing a pretzel necklace around your neck. Not only does it make a fashion statement and let people know that you’re not messing around, but also is very handy. Wherever you find yourself in the swarm of people, you always have a palette cleanser or snack with you.

While many go with the basic pretzel only necklace, others get a little more creative. Here’s some of our favorites.

The Mismatch Pretzel

The Square Pretzel-Kilt Look

The Easy Cheese 

The “Let’s Clean Out The Pantry”

The Snack Pack

The This Looks Familiar

The I’m With Him/Her

The Slim Jim Cheese Brigade

The Big Pretzel Mini Slims

 The Plastic Bags Are Easier Than Weaving A Million Pretzels Onto A Necklace

The Feeling Chipper

The Trick-Or-Treat

The Match Your Shirt To Your Snack / Cheese Puff Champion