The Black Madonna – He Is The Voice I Hear

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Wow. Not many songs can bring you on a journey quite like how The Black Madonna’s He Is The Voice I Hear does when you embark on the 8 minute listen. The song shows off all sorts of talented musicians accompanied by a strong piano base throughout. Here’s what The Black Madonna said about her song:

He Is The Voice I Hear’ is my first all new work since “Lady Of Sorrows.” It’s been a long journey from there to here. I’m so thrilled to continue the story and finally realize my dream of bringing together an ensemble of live musicians.

This record was a joy to create with my engineering and production partner, Rupert Murray, Davide Rossi on strings and Christoforo LaBarbera on keys. The vinyl was mastered and cut by Tim Xavier for Manmade Mastering. We’ve also put some special touches into the design of the record itself.

Incredible thanks to Adam Rowe, Andrew Gordon, Jake Nelson and everyone that helped make this record possible at all.