A Decadent NYE in Arizona Thanks To Relentless Beats

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Decadence Arizona was a fantastic festival to attend. This new years party has yet again made the end of one year and bringing in the new year a magical experience.
Upon arrival to the venue your jaws drop. A ferris wheel, that strobed to the music, towered over the ruby courtyard stage.As you enter the gates to the City Beyond Tomorrow, a friendly security team cracks down on their job. There were specific sections to go threw depending on your attire. Males and females were separated into totem only, bag only, and no bag lines. Once you make it past tight security, large white letters lay out ‘NYE’, In the main courtyard. Decorated by names, and new years resolutions made this a hot photo spot.
The Diamond Atrium was a huge barn.Vip stands were on the left and right side, with perfect view of the stage. Giant Balloons nested in nets above the crowd, waiting for their moment. Water stations were lined up by the entrance of the barn. They were manned by smiling rangers keeping ravers hydrated. Merch and food vendors were lined up to the left if the Diamond Atrium stage. Thus emitting a wondrous aroma of tacos and funnel cake while passing by. Across from food and libations stood the Sapphire Ballroom. Although it was a little small, this stage was always moving the crowd. Propane heaters scattered the grounds, keeping festival goers warm and happy, and providing a comfortable place to socialize. Bathrooms were in the back of the venue past the Ruby courtyard stage, and the ferris wheel.

On the first night, The long 13 hour drive paid off. The much anticipated set by Zeds dead and Jauz was beyond expectation. Their new collaboration “Lights go down” electrified the crowd with drum and bass. As always the visuals were captivating. In the sapphire ballroom, ZHU layed down funky bass. It was so crowded people were grooving to his set outside, but happy as ever. Back at the main stage Borgore threw down some nasty dubstep, and shortly after Steve Aoki took the stage. His set was a great ending to night one. The happy trap vibe had everyone smiling and on their feet.

On new years eve the energy was beautiful. Once sundown hit, a full moon was lighting the night. People were wild. Armin van Buuren soothed the soul with his melodic trance. Its always an uplifting experience seeing him live. As we came closer to the new year, Deoro took the lime light. His energetic Panda funk kept everyone dancing. As the night drew closer to the new year he started the countdown at 45 seconds.
In the final moments of 2017 he reminded us to stay positive in the new year, and leave our fear and negativity behind. As the clock struck midnight, Giant balloons and confetti showered ravers, and they express their excitement for the new year. As Deoro closed his set, you can hear Snails’ grime seep into the music. As the vibes change from groovy panda funk to grimy dubstep, the night trailed on. Happy ravers exchanged “Happy New years” the rest of the night.
 Over at the ruby courtyard stage, Dan Lunsford was playing some amazing psytrance. Being next to the ferris wheel was a great light set up. The line for this light up ride, was dancing to Dans cool beats. Best line I’ve ever stood in. As we grooved our way to the front of the line we greet the operator. Only thing this man said was a comment on the ball drop balloons,” Woah, that’s a big ass balloon!” Then continued to escort us onto the ride.
The relentless rangers were very helpful throughout each night. They seemed to always be around when needed. And always carried water around. They even wondered threw crowds and sprayed water on people to jeep them cool. With gradient positivity they kept everyone from going a little to hard, and kept everyone safe. We are very lucky to be offered this amazing event. Relentless beats has created this decadent experience for all.