Denver BBQ Fest Recap

In Buzz, Food & Drink by JoLow

This weekend Denver welcomed several BBQ legends from around the country to it’s three day Father’s Day BBQ. Award winning barbecuers came together June 15th to 17th at Colorado’s Sport Authority Field at Mile High to bury their faces in endless amounts of meats including some of the best ribs, brisket and prime rib. 

The event began on Friday evening for a special viewing for those who wanted to preview the event with a smaller crowd and were 21+. Then on Saturday and Sunday the event was free and open to the public. Those who attended could purchase different slabs of bbq meat from various restaurants participating in the festival. Of course, F4L wouldn’t miss a chance to get our hands dirty and pig out so we joined in as well as we covered the event. 

Our first stop was a Masterclass where we witnessed Fergolicious BBQ lead a pit class on how to make the perfect prime rib. We learned how to marinate and season our meat, cut it up and finally got to try it with some delicious love muffins.

We were now ready to take on the festival itself. We walked down the rows of tents and decided to begin our bbq tour at the Shed Barbecue and Blues Joint where we were served a pulled pork sandwich that was tasty in all the right ways. We then continued on to try Peg Leg Porker’s ribs, smoked salmon tacos from Sugarfire Smokehouse and sausage and brisket from Texas’s famous Salt Lick. At this point our stomachs were overloaded and we took a break to digest and listen to some of the local bands playing music and wash down our food at the open bar. When we finally felt that we could continue, we headed to Ubons BBQ where they were serving delicious bbq chicken that was being made on their open pit. To add to the wonderful chicken, we picked up some of Pappys Smokehouse famous beans and Gque BBQ’s unique take on cornbread. At this point we were too full to continue and had to call it quits before the meat sweats kicked in. 

We definitely hope to be back next year to see what other BBQ can compete with these pit masters. We wish them all the best of luck in the coming year!