Dynamic Lineup Rocks Schubas

In Buzz by Sam

By: Mollie Girnun

Schubas does it again.  It’s Thursday night and summer is coming to a close, but spirits are high, and crowds are up close and comfortable with Phillip Michael-Scales and Jocelyn & Chris Arndt back in the music hall.

Phillip Michael-Scales immediately draws in the audience with his personality, story and experiences.  He calls out to friends in the audience by name, making everyone feel as if this show could be happening in their own living room.  “Only at Schubas,” Phillip hollers as the technicians turn on the lights for him to take a selfie with the crowd.  We all know it’s true – what a personal concert, from the lighting, the intimacy of the venue, and the way Phillip made his way into the crowd at the end… sweat dripping on the music lovers around him.  Keep a look out for his new single on October 11.  We were lucky enough to rock out to it Thursday night.

As brother and sister, Jocelyn & Chris Arndt define “dance like nobody is watching” but the crowd was watching and loved every hair flip and dedicated move.  We were fortunate enough to catch Jocelyn & Chris at the tail end of their summer tour.  By the end of summer, they will have played 31 shows! I can guarantee they brought their spunk with them to every show.  All the way from New York City they had the chance to debut their new album “The Fun in the Fight” that already has crowd members memorizing words and connecting with the band on a whole different level!

Phillip Michael-Scales and Jocelyn & Chris Arndt were the perfect duo for such an intimate venue. Schubas continues to host an incredible show from start to finish and show why it’s one of Chicago’s premier music venues.