Good Life by mAsis sending the feels right to the core.

In Video by Jenee

This track is so fly it takes the listener right on with it.  The soulful vocals and melodic beats, transforming the listening space into an intimate world. I won’t elude too much to the lovely and unmentionable things that this track brings forth, but it is all the things incorporated into the GOOD LIFE.

This artist comes from the sunny hills that is Glendale, California, and it is very apparent. I can feel the sun on my skin, I can hear the ocean in the background and I am high on those palm tree vibrations.

His facebook is devoid of tidbits from their life, alas we are left with the music, and that is good enough.

Check the Facebook, and explore around some more of the music they offer on the SoundCloud.

Good Life was played on the BBCRadio1 set.

Thanks mAsis, keep bringing on those feels.