In A Land Of Festival Goliaths, David AKA Utopia Festival Does Things Right

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Utopia 2015

Big lines, big waits and massive crowds shouldn’t be what festivals are about. That’s the opinion of Utopia Festival founder, Travis Sutherland. Utopia festival held in Utopia, Texas this Labor Day weekend does things a little bit differently.  FestivalsForLife sat down with festival Founder Travis Sutherland to tell festival fans a little bit more about the world of Utopia Fest.

F4L: How did Utopia Festival get started

Travis Sutherland: We set out to create the festival we wanted to go to. From there, Utopia Fest has really organically grown to become the festival it is today.

F4L: What was your goal when you started Utopia?

Travis Sutherland: Simply put, we tried to eliminate the downsides of other festivals.

F4L: Have you ever done anything like Utopia Fest in the past?

Travis Sutherland: I had thrown small to medium sized parties, but really nothing like this.

F4L: How did Four Sister’s Ranch become the home for Utopia Fest?

Travis Sutherland: My family has been there for 100 years!! I wanted to try to get more people to experience it and see its beauty.

utpoia 2

F4L: How do you feel about the growth of Utopia?

Travis Sutherland: Growth has been good, but not pushing it beyond a certain point. (The Festival is capped at 2,000) We want to make it a little bit better and a little bit bigger every year. We probably will never go over 3,000.

F4L: What was a challenge you faced early on in creating Utopia Fest?

Travis Sutherland: One of the biggest challenges in our growth was to get more recognizable names.  Keller Williams was really the first big name we got.  Since he came to perform in 2011 getting big names has been a lot more manageable.

F4L: What do you like about the vibe of a smaller festival?

Travis Sutherland: We like to keep the feel of the festival personal and personable. We don’t want people to feel like they are being surrounded by strangers. We want you to see everyone at the festival.

F4L: Are there any artist in particular that you’re excited about?

Travis Sutherland:

Charles Bradley – Will be one of the most epic shows.

Tune-Yards – They are a perfect band for all ages.

Less Hay Babies – They are a Canadian band. This will be there first time in Texas.

Something else I feel is very neat about the lineup is that it is about half and half men and women bands. Most festivals you see are predominantly male bands.

F4L: What message would you leave people about Utopia Festival?

Travis Sutherland: “Utopia is a very unique and rare opportunity to see bands with 2000 people that are all the most friendly respectful partiers you will ever meet! It is the culmination of seven years of work, soul, and dedication to create an incredible festival.”

utopia 3

Utopia is simply a festival you will not want to miss! Don’t forget it’s BYOB. Travis added “Utopia does not want to Nickel and Dime people by charging them obscure prices on alcohol.”

From my own experience I can personally tell you there is something special about Utopia Fest that you will want to see for yourself. The Festival also includes Frisbee golf, a Silent Disco, excellent hiking and an atmosphere that is simply unmatched. Grab your tickets before it sells out, and enjoy an unforgettable Labor Day weekend September 4 -6 2015. Remember its capped at 2,000 people.

Check Out the rest of the Utopia lineup and this video with more details on Utopia Fest. See you there!