Louis The Child Hits Europe

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On their eighth stop of their European Tour, F4L was lucky enough to spend the evening with Louis the Child, for a night out at El Sol concert hall in Madrid, Spain. The duo, consisting of 21-year old Robby Hauldren and 20-year old Freddy Kennet are Chicago-based DJ’s giving Europe a taste of their eccentric and upbeat music.

Doors opened at 9:30pm and by 10pm the concert hall was full of young fans ready to get down and enjoy some great music. Ethan Snoreck, better known as Whethan, is a solo performer DJ, touring with the pair and opened with a rowdy upbeat set that had the crowd going wild. His remixes, that incorporated electropop and indie made for a great hour that left everyone wanting more. Luckily, Louis the Child came on soon after and kept the audience going as they performed for well over an hour with new and old songs.

Kennet and Hauldren took to the stage and engaged with their fans as they jumped and danced around to their songs. They seemed to thoroughly enjoy what they were doing and fed off the audiences ongoing cheers and smiles. However, it was not until further into their set when the two played some of their most popular songs, like “It’s Stranger,” “Fire” and “Weekend” when the fans truly went crazy and couldn’t resist screaming the words and jumping around.

As Louis the Child ended their performance, people cheered for more, and what the fans wanted, they got, as an encore was given. After their final song both the DJ’s as well as Whethan came back onto stage, bowed and engaged with the fans before ending a wonderful concert. The three men are now off the Barcelona to finish their European tour in the well-known Abroadfest that lasts throughout the weekend. We cannot wait to see what the future holds for Louis the Child and are so glad we were able to be part of their European tour.