Pizza Palooza| 2019

In Food & Drink by Alana

Pizza lovers united on Saturday September 15th, for the biggest carb overload of the summer. Taking place at INDUSTRY in the Rino Art District, Pizza Palooza served up over 20 local slices from parlors around the city.

Attendees go to try endless ‘za, sip on drinks, listen to the band and most importantly, cast their vote for Denver’s best pizza. We at F4L made our rounds and were surprised by not only how delicious all the places were but also how creative many of the pies were. We sampled everything from the classic cheese, to Mac & Cheese and deep dish. Our absolute favorite was Wheels on Fire’s Burratini di Margherita pizza that had the perfect combination of cheese and tomatoes, topped with a balsamic reduction.

The annual event was executed by 11creative who also puts on Denver’s annual BrunchFest, Mac & Cheese Fest and many other great food festivals.

This palooza definitely stole a pizza our heart! We cannot wait to see what they have in store for next year!