Why There is Nothing In The World Quite Like SXSW

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Music Take Over
Mother Fucking Epic
Never Ending Insanity
Epically Expansive Entertainment
Musician Dream World 

These were some of the answers I got when I asked multiple artists and festival goers to describe SXSW in three words or less.

My Personal favorite: “NOTHING LIKE IT.” There is Nothing In The World Quite Like SXSW and these are reasons we think why.
1) Everyone at SXSW has their OWN experience
SXSW austin

6th Street SXSW

People at every festival have their “own experience,” but at SXSW it is a whole different story. Staying with a group is almost impossible. At most festivals you are forced to choose between a couple of stages and a couple of artists. At SXSW,  try deciding between 50 conflicting artists and what seems to be a never ending supply of stages to see them at.

2) There is never a better time to experience new artists
Tov Lo Performing at Austin Music Hall

Tov Lo Performing at Austin Music Hall

SXSW is all about discovering new music and finding that artist that is about to burst onto the 2015 music scene. Last year Sam Smith blew up after SXSW. Who will it be this year? My predictions- Tov Lo and Milky Chance.
3) The Mother Fucking Lines
Wristband Pickup At Fader Fort

Wristband Pickup At Fader Fort

Badge, Music wristband or nothing at all, EVERYONE during SXSW has to wait in line for something. It may be an Austin food truck dishing out free Tacos, picking up a wristband at the Fadar Fort or to get into the hot day party going on. Even in the pouring rain, there will people lined up on the streets. The higher your badge, the shorter your line, but if you want to enjoy SXSW you must sit back, relax and do a little bit of waiting. 
4) Half The People are Confused – And The Other Half… Confused
Wonka SXSW
Where is this person playing?? Where is the free food at?? Is this event badges only?? WTF is going on?? SXSW us by definition organized chaos and somehow it all works. Sometimes during SXSW you must embrace the chaos and let the festival take you to your next destination. 
5) Every Single Place in Austin becomes a music venue.
Central Presbyterian Church During SXSW

Central Presbyterian Church During SXSW

If you have a building located in downtown Austin, then you have no choice but to succumb to the Austin pressure. Bars, warehouse space, event space, parking lots, hotels, yoga studios and even churches are used for the entirety of SXSW. If there is an empty space in Austin, you can bet that it will be filled for SXSW.

6) Open Bars

Open bar

During SXSW there is no better feeling than walking into a venue and finding out the drinks are Free.50 – Open bars are a little bit more prevalent during the interactive portion of the festival, however if you put your mind to it, an open bar is never too far away. Can’t find an open bar? Try sneaking into the venues VIP sections where the drinks are endless.

7) Artists play upwards of 5 Shows
If you miss an artist once, twice or even a third time there is a good chance you can always check them out at their next show. The amount of exposure artists gain at SXSW is unique to SXSW. Artists rarely play over 45 minutes, but give festival goers the chance to catch multiple artists, even if they’ve already missed them. 
8) The Entire City of Austin becomes a Festival

Jackie Final

When people ask what is the exact location of SXSW, there is only one answer that makes sense. AUSTIN, TX. SXSW is not held at a venue, a park, or on a street. The only way to completely escape music is to stay in your bedroom, and even then you might overhear the percussion from the bar next door. East, North, West, or South it doesn’t matter. During SXSW the entire city of Austin is taken over for one of the world’s most unique festivals.

Thank you SXSW for truly being one of a kind!