$42,500 Extreme Tomorrowworld Luxury Camping Option- Manors

In Buzz, Music Festivals by Sam

When one thinks of a music festival, roughing it is the name of the game. Sleeping on the ground in tents, finding yourself covered head to tow with dirt and sweat, and searching for the nearest water station to give yourself a makeshift shower are just a few of the typical situations you find yourself in. Well TomorrowWorld is giving its festival-goers another option— Manors. Manors are a newly added camping option that gives you the feel that you’re in a private hotel suite. Its amenities include the following:

-Room to sleep up to 12 people

-Private tour bus for sleeping

-Private bathroom/shower trailer

-Stocked bar and fridge

-Private terrace with lounge and jacuzzi

-Outdoor furniture

-Fenced perimeter for privacy

-Glass of champagne upon arrival before being personally escorted to your manor

-Dedicated 24 hour staff


Wow! Sounds a lot better than waking up to find that the sun has turned your tent into a toaster. What’s the catch? Each manor’s price begins at $42,500!! That over 100 times the price of a regular ticket. But hey, if roughing it really really really isn’t your thing, here’s food for thought.

Read more about the option here.