Daybreaker: In Light & Love

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Valentine’s Day is a time for love, and there is no place that fosters more love than Daybreaker. On Wednesday, February 14th, attendees headed to Joseph’s Cafe in Hollywood for Daybreaker: In Light & Love. People were encouraged to adorn themselves with glow sticks and twinkle lights in order to light up everyone’s hearts. They succeeded, as everyone walked out of the venue with big hearts and smiles across their faces.

For those of you who have not heard of the event, Daybreaker gives people a reason to wake up excited and start their day. So what is it? It is a morning movement that will start your day off unlike anything else. It is about being in the here and now, surrounded by amazing people, beautiful music, and an incredible vibe. It is about dancing your face off before work and feeling gloriously healthy while doing so. It is about love, it is about mindfulness, and it is about mischief. Doesn’t sound so bad, huh?!

Participants could arrive early for yoga and then stay to help themselves to an array of healthy snacks. When the rest of the group showed up the music started bumping. The music consisted of a DJ spinning electronic tunes coupled with live instruments. DJ Eric Sharp brought the heat with a great set that kept everyone moving the whole time. The room was packed with dancing people who were eager to spread and show love.

As it was Valentine’s Day, they had some special additions. Outside was a love room where they had all sorts of arts and crafts for people to partake in. They also brought in a cupid and burlesque dancers as well. One of our highlights was the ending where everyone sits together for the closing session. We heard some incredible poetry about love and some fantastic stories.

While Valentine’s Day is about love, Daybreaker goes far beyond that. Daybreaker is about showing and spreading your love to everyone. A place where you can never get enough hugs or meet too many genuinely good people. This was the perfect start to our day, and we highly recommend to attend the next one to experience it yourself. You won’t regret it. See the schedule here.