ARVO Festival 2023: A Celebration of Music, Sustainability, and Culture in Florianópolis

In Buzz, Music Festivals by Sam

Imagine standing under the open sky in Campeche, Florianópolis, on a Saturday evening, surrounded by thousands of music lovers, and feeling the positive vibes reverberating in the air. This was our experience at the ARVO Festival 2023, a celebration of music, sustainability, and culture, held for the eighth time on October 28.

The festival started with a local band, Reis do Nada, setting the stage on fire with their powerful music. Alongside vocalists Flora Cruz and Rê Significa, they welcomed the São Paulo sensation, Tulipa Ruiz. Tulipa not only mesmerized the crowd with her music but also uplifted our spirits, declaring, “The rain is just right!” She paid tribute to indigenous leader Ailton Krenak and even announced her nomination for the Grammy Latino.

Next came the enchanting Coral Tape Mirim, joined by Cacica Eliara Antunes, followed by Anelis Assumpção, who serenaded us with her melodious voice. Her performance, featuring songs from her latest album “Sal,” left us craving for more.

As the night descended, Rubel took the stage, mixing MPB with elements of funk. The audience, heated and animated, joined in the chorus. But the real highlight of the night was Dandara Manoela, who proved that local artists have an immense impact. The crowd went wild when the renowned rapper Rincon Sapiência made a surprise appearance on stage.

The legendary Jorge Aragão then took us on a nostalgic journey, showcasing his iconic hits that are etched in Brazil’s musical memory.

With an 80s house music vibe, FBC performed tracks from their yet-to-be-released album, “O Amor, O Perdão e a Tecnologia Irão Nos Levar A Outro Planeta.” The ethereal backing vocals and brass instruments transported us to another world, and we gladly accepted the invitation.

The charismatic Liniker took the stage and immediately won over everyone, even those unfamiliar with her music. She announced the conclusion of her “Índigo Borboleta Anil” tour and surprised us with the news of a new album in the works.

Nação Zumbi brought the rhythms of Pernambuco to the South of Brazil, making us feel right at home. The crowd eagerly awaited Baco Exu do Blues, one of the hottest names in pop music today. With a talented band and two backing vocalists, Baco presented hit after hit, which resonated deeply with the audience.

The grand finale was marked by Rômulo Costa, who took charge of the turntables at the Furacão 2000, turning the festival into an epic dance party.

But ARVO Festival was not just about music; it offered an immersive cultural experience. The festival grounds, spanning over 20,000 square meters, featured art, free water, a children’s play area, sign language interpretation, and a dedicated area for Persons with Disabilities with a view of the two main stages. There was even an electronic tent under a big top, creating a mini circus within the festival.

Foodies had a feast as well, with global culinary options ranging from Brazilian acarajé to Mexican tacos. The festival’s commitment to sustainability was evident in the use of recyclable cups and initiatives to encourage waste separation.

Despite some rain, ARVO Festival ensured the safety and comfort of both the audience and staff. Over 300 tons of gravel were strategically placed to improve drainage, and more than 2,000 square meters of covered areas provided shelter from the elements.

In the face of weather challenges, the 8th edition of ARVO Festival reaffirmed its commitment to the environment, indigenous cultures, and the diversity of Brazilian culture. With over 8,000 attendees, the ARVO Festival remains a shining beacon of Brazilian music in the South of the country, celebrating not just the music but also a vision of sustainability and inclusivity that left an indelible mark on all who attended.