DESTRUCTO’s Ship2Ship Tour Docks in Denver

In Buzz, Music by Denver Dance

This past Thursday, FestivalsForLife was lucky enough to catch the mega lineup of the Ship2Ship tour featuring DESTRUCTO, Justin Martin, and REZZ.

With a crowd clad in robes and jumpsuits, it was needless to say that the excitement was palpable.

REZZ properly warmed up the dance floor with her industrial, dark, techno original mixes.

Justin Martin followed and proceeded to elevate the level of excitement in the mile high city. Martin’s tech house vibes were the perfect ‘appeteaser’ for what was to come.

As the clock struck midnight, the ship fam advanced closer to the DJ booth as DESTRUCTO manned the decks.

The Godfather himself, DESTRUCTO, blessed us once again with his seamless fusion of techno, tech house, and FestivalForLife’s favorite, G-House (AMEN!). What sets DESTRUCTO apart from all other DJs demanding the floor is his use of headlining hip-hop acts with his futuristic and complex baselines that just ‘Dare You 2 Move.’ We especially loved hearing his most recent record featuring Ty$ and ILOVEMAKONNEN, ‘4Real.’

Check out the video and listen right here!

FestivalsForLife is looking forward to seeing what DESTRUCTO has up his sleeve summer 2016.