10 Festival Camping Setups You Wish Were Yours

In Buzz, Music Festivals by JoLow

1) The Baby Pool

camp site pool


This perfect set up at Bonaroo helps people stay cool during one of the summer hottest festivals. It’s definitely not a bad way to attract some new friends too.

2) The Hexagon Hideout

Cool Tent

3) The Hippie Haven

hippie haven

Everyone should spend at least one night in this throwback.

4) The Dreamville


You will only find this tent in the exclusive sections of Tomorrowland in Belgium and Tomorroworld in Georgia. Sometimes it’s worth it to have a tent that is already set up!

5) The Hardly Roughing It

The Hardly Roughing It

Once you try the Lotus Belle tent it will be hard to return to anything else.

6) The Hangout

The Hangout

It’s all about finding the perfect tree.

7) The Bubble Boy

The Bubble boy

The most closed and open tent you will find.

8) The Hookah Hideout

Hookah Hideout

For the middle eastern festival goer.

9) The Everyone Is Welcome

The erveryone is welcome

How many people do you think this could sleep?

10) The We’re Fucked!

Tent On Fire

At least you get the cool story!