An Outside Club On The Pier? HUSHconcerts’ Silent Disco

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IMG_3540If one were to stroll down the Santa Monica Pier this past Saturday night, a curious site would be found at the the pier’s end. Hundreds of people getting down with their best dance moves, however, no music could be heard by those passing by. A crowd had gathered around those dancing, watching the unique spectacle. What in the world was going on?028A8490HUSHconcert’s presents their monthly silent disco concerts on the west end of Santa Monica Pier. What is a silent disco? Well imagine being in a club, but instead of booming music everywhere you go, you wear headphones instead. The sound system in now a portable headset that stays with you wherever you may venture.SF*HushConcerts@SMPThe event started at 7:00pm at the end of the pier. One could come and grab their headsets and enjoy the music, while also watching a spectacular sunset. Does it get better than that? The theme of the night was funky sole. Attendees got their groove on with local DJ legends led by Music Man Miles along with DJ Expo, DJ Zo, and Gentle Giant. Two DJ’s were always playing, and one could choose which one they wanted to tune into via the different stations on their headsets.unnamed

028A8674So what are the benefits of a silent disco? Well, a lot!

  • The music always sounds crystal clear, as you have high quality headphones banging out killer tunes.
  • No more being upset about the volume the club plays the music at. Here, you could control it yourself.
  • Don’t like the song that is playing? Then turn to the other station! Having choices is always better.
  • Why only listen to one DJ, when you can hear two sets at the same time?
  • Don’t worry about getting too hot and sweaty. The fresh ocean breeze kept everyone cool and moving.
  • Need a break from the music? It’s as easy as taking off your headphones.
  • One could make any spot on the pier a dance floor, as the music traveled with you.
  • Is there any better spot to get funky than on the Santa Monica Pier? Not too shabby!


HUSHconcert’s Mission

HUSHconcerts creates unique experiences for a blossoming community of live entertainment aficionados and provides top-notch production and promotion services for artists, producers, promoters, managers, agents, and brands. HUSHconcerts is a proud product of the Bay Area and a proponent of progressive values such as race, gender and sexual equality, and environmental sustainability. We are a relentless innovator and a leader in providing creative solutions to the challenges facing entertainment communities in urban settings. HUSHconcerts promises to chase perfection and catch excellence for every facet of its work for its fans, clients, and partners.

Next time you are in the mood for some dancing, but want something out of the box, then you need to check out HUSHconcerts’ events. Find their calendar at to find an event happening soon near you!