Food Lovers: The Culinary Road Trip

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Los Angles is a melting pot of people from all over the USA. You’ll find people from all across our nation here, that moved here for one reason or another, But no matter how much one may love Los Angeles, they always miss their favorite foods from back home.  If you find yourself fitting that category, then Thrillist’s Culinary Road Trip event in Hollywood from June 12-14th was for you.  One was able to try our nation’s best food without having to put thousands of miles on our cars doing so.

At the event one could plow through piping hot deep dish from Gino’s East in Chicago,


suck down sugary staples from Georgetown Cupcake,


feel good about what you’re eating with Sweetgreen’s rad thai salad,


try New England-style lobster rolls from Luke’s Lobster, savor Philly’s one and only cheesesteaks from Tony Luke’s, enjoy some of NYC’s famous bagels at Black Seed Bagels, get full off of Portland’s grilled mortadella sandwich from Lardo’s, wash it down with delicious coffee from Stumptown Coffee, and leave room for dessert with Insomnia’s cookies! How could your stomach get any happier. It was one bundle of culinary goodness all under one roof.

It was impossible to find any food there that you didn’t like. We recommend trying each and every one of these restaurants if you find yourself in the given city. Also check out Thrillist to find the best things going on in your city each week.